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Center Mark Drywall Recessed Light Fixture Locator Tool Kit (3-Piece)

Center Mark Drywall Recessed Light Fixture Locator Tool Kit (3-Piece)

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  • $ 2499

Kit includes Center Mark target locator and 2 Center Mark targets . Center Mark targets lengthen and shorten so they can be used to cut out 4 in., 5 in., or 6 in. recessed light fixture openings . Works on drywall, plywood, particle board, tile and more . No more measuring and no risk of mis-measuring – just locate the receptacle, mark, cut and you’re done . Twice as easy as other receptacle locating methods because you only lift the drywall once . You can even use it as a stud finder

The Center Mark will help you find and mark hidden recessed lighting cans quickly, with no measuring. Just screw the Center Mark targets into your recessed can lights and install the drywall. When you’re ready to cut the hole, hold the Center Mark Locator magnet over the area where you think the receptacle is located. When it finds the receptacle, the magnets will snap precisely into place where the receptacle is located. Traces around the locator, cut, then install.

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