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Brevium 12 in. x 38 in. Rusty Essence Metal Wall Art (Set of 3)

Brevium 12 in. x 38 in. Rusty Essence Metal Wall Art (Set of 3)

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Versatile enough to be used in any style home . Adds modern styling and visual interest to your decor . Hanger mounts are included for easy installation . Mounting hardware is hidden for the most polished look . Hand crafted in the USA . Set of 3

The Brevium Collection is an abstract wall art design created by American artists. A minimalist aluminum sculpture, this piece is composed of three similarly sized square panels measured at 12 in. on each side. Made from acrylic inks on steel panels, the main feature of each panel is a reddish-brown raised accent similar in color to rusted iron. A huge contrast from the bright shine of the steel backing, the rusted color and texture teaches that even the toughest materials can be corroded and become brittle through the exposure to harsh elements and time. The brilliant theme on this piece gives observers the chance to see the very essence of life from ashes to ashes, from dust to dust. This modern design will be an outstanding piece that will add character to any urban space.

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