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Brevium 22 in. x 22 in. Boiling Point Metal Wall Art

Brevium 22 in. x 22 in. Boiling Point Metal Wall Art

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  • $ 35100

Versatile enough to be used in any style home . Adds modern styling and visual interest to your decor . Hanger mounts are included for easy installation . Mounting hardware is hidden for the most polished look . Hand crafted in the USA

This Brevium Collection piece is as the name suggests, "Boiling Point" is an abstract design that is full of energy and motion, on the verge of spilling over the edge of its metal canvas. The color scheme features neon color tones of blue, orange, yellow and pink, spread out across the grey metallic surface of the panel. The design was created by an artist who first painted it with thick acrylics on canvas exposed to various treatments, creating the texture and energy that you see. The design was then photographed and applied to a metal panel, ultimately creating the exciting, energetic design you see now. This abstract piece is creative and unique, and makes an excellent statement and colorful accent on a wall in need of some attention.

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