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35 Amp 1 in. Double-Pole Type CL Circuit Breaker

35 Amp 1 in. Double-Pole Type CL Circuit Breaker

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Contractors can streamline inventory by carrying one manufacturer’s circuit breaker vs. multiple manufacturers . CL breakers are available in 1 and 2 pole configurations . 1 pole requires 1 in. space, 2 pole requires 2 in. space . Trips to the off position . Solid and stranded wire can be used together . Classified arc fault and ground fault breakers are also available . 15 year warranty

Eaton’s Type CL circuit breakers protect the wires in your home from overheating (referred to as an overload) and fault currents (referred to as short circuits). CL Breakers are classified replacement circuit breakers considered suitable, by underwriters laboratories, for use in another manufacturers’ load center. These breakers have been tested extensively in numerous GE, Square D, Siemens, Murray Thomas and Betts and Crouse-Hinds panels. This level of testing assures that the breakers meet identified standards and have been found suitable by UL for the specified purpose.

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