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20 Amp 1 in. Single-Pole Combination Arc Fault Type CL Circuit Breaker

20 Amp 1 in. Single-Pole Combination Arc Fault Type CL Circuit Breaker

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Used to help provide protection from fires caused by arcing faults . Low-level arc detection through connected cords . Breaker detects both parallel and series arcing . Trips to the off position and can be reset safely and easily . In addition to a UL listing, these breakers also come with an outstanding 15 year warranty

Eaton’s CL Type Combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter is a device that includes all of the protection offered by the Branch/Feeder AFCI. Combination AFCIs can therefore mitigate the effect of low current arcs not only in the installed wiring but also in the two wire cord sets and power-supply cords connected to the outlets. CL Breakers are classified replacement circuit breakers considered suitable, by underwriters laboratories, for use in another manufacturers’ panel board. These breakers have been tested extensively in numerous GE, Square D and Siemens, Murray Thomas and Betts and Crouse-Hinds panels. AFCI’s are required in all 120-Volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-Amp branch circuits supplying outlets installed in dwelling unit family rooms, dining rooms, parlors, living rooms, libraries, dens, bedrooms, sun rooms, closets, recreation rooms, hallways, or similar rooms or areas shall be protected by a listed arc fault circuit interrupter, combination-type, installed to provide protection of the branch circuit.

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