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Whole House Surge Protector

Whole House Surge Protector

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Installation is simple, type 2 surge products are permanently connected devices that are installed on the load side of the service entrance over current protective device . CHSPT2ULTRA is best in class with 20kA nominal discharge current, nominal discharge current is the current that the device can withstand for 15 impulses . CHSPT2ULTRA is best in class with 108kA surge current capacity per phase rating, surge current capacity is the maximum amount of surge current the device can shunt to ground during a surge event on one phase . CHSPT2ULTRA provides AC power protection . CHSPT2ULTRA has LED status indication that lets you know the product is working . CHSPT2ULTRA is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications when properly installed . CHSPT2 family of products require a dedicated 2 pole 50 Amp thermal magnetic breaker . Single phase 120/240 VAC rated line voltage 60 Hz . High Quality Protection Plan:

Eaton’s CHSPT2ULTRA is a surge protector device that provides superior protection for your sensitive electronics and appliances in your home from voltage surges caused by various sources. The most common causes are lightning, utility grid switching, other users on the power line, and internal surges from air conditioner and power tools. Apply surge where service enters the home. CHSPT2ULTRA is safe, reliable, and tested to the highest industry standard.

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