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AA/AAA Pro Charger 1500mAh with 4 AA Battery Cells

AA/AAA Pro Charger 1500mAh with 4 AA Battery Cells

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  • $ 1997

Charger has expanded charging information allowing for easy and intuitive use . Branded Energizer charger has premium performance and provides consumers assurance . A unique design to spark interest and delight consumers with the integration of sound to alert the user throughout the charging experience and when there is a bad battery . Integrating sound into the design of the charger allow for a series of beeps to indicate that the charging has initiated and when the battery is fully charged . High Quality Protection Plan:

The new Energizer Charger has many features some of which are Enhanced sensory experience through the progression of multiple colors linked with the addition of audio notifications (unique to NiMH market). Globally recognized ‘stop sign’ indicators with easy to understand icons including bad battery indication by charging bay.

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