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30-Amp 3/4 in. Single Pole Type CHF Breaker

30-Amp 3/4 in. Single Pole Type CHF Breaker

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Eaton CH family uses a handle for each pole in a two-pole design to directly show contact status, instead of assuming that the 2nd pole has changed position . Significant handle throw also clearly identifies breaker on-off status . We have improved the markings on the breakers and now provide a tri-drive terminal screw for ease of installation . New CHF breakers will fit into every panel that accepts the current type CH product today

The primary function of a circuit breaker is to protect the wire from overheating (referred to as an overload) and fault currents (referred to as short circuits). Circuit breakers replaced fuses because they can be reset. The CHF is a new and improved version of Eaton’s Premium Family of Type CH breakers. The CHF series of breakers will have a Flag that visually confirms “Tripped” status and exclusive “Trip to OFF”/1-Step Reset, which further establishes the CH series of products as “Best in Class”.

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