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20 oz. Chroming Spray Paint

20 oz. Chroming Spray Paint

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1 double pump sprayer (silver and reducer) . 1 super soaker sprayer (distilled water) . 1 super soaker sprayer (activator) . 1 power spray unit (basecoat) . 1 power spray unit (topcoat) . 3 droppers . 2 pre-based speed shapes . 25 sq. ft. spray-able chrome . Buy 20 oz. industrial grade distilled water (this is needed to complete the kit)

This silver nitrate deposition system is designed to give any surface a chrome like appearance. You can spray it on almost anything like wood, metal, plastic, plaster or anything else that can be painted. It is the same thing as mirror companies, but reversed. This system is complete with basecoat, silver and topcoat, instructions are included. Do not bend power units past 45 degrees. Just add water. Buy 20 oz. of industrial grade distilled water. Ask your local supermarket for this kind of water.

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