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16/3 150 ft. Cord Storage Reel with Stand

16/3 150 ft. Cord Storage Reel with Stand

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  • $ 997

Holds up to 150 ft. of 16/3 extension cord . Can be used inside and outside . Cord stand helps ensure stability . Comes with a handle for ease of use . Note: Product may vary by store

The Kord-O-Wynd Heavy-Duty Cord Storage Reel is one of the fastest and simplest ways to organize, store and use your extension cords. The hand slide mechanism and swivel handle make it quick and easy to wind and unwind 16/3 extension cords up to 150 ft. in length. Feed one end of your extension cord into one of the plug capture holes, then wind up your cord. That way you only have to unwind as much as the job dictates. The Kord-O-Wynd even has a built in stand to help keep this clever cord storage reel upright. Made from shatter and temperature resistant thermoplastic, the Kord-O-Wynd will hold up to the elements year after year.

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