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Vintage Collection Dispensing Popcorn Cart

Vintage Collection Dispensing Popcorn Cart

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Easy to clean all stainless steel 8 oz. kettle with dual hinged lids . Makes 32 cups of popcorn per batch . Dispense popcorn right into a bucket or bowl with the gravity feed popcorn dispensing system . Unique design catches unpopped kernels before dispensing . Handy and convenient utility shelf for popcorn preparation . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Nostalgia Electrics CCP810 Vintage Collection Popcorn Dispensing 59 in. tall vendor-style popcorn cart will be the hit of every party. It pops up to 32 cups of hot, fresh, kettle cooked popcorn per batch. It features a large, 8 oz. Easy Clean stainless steel kettle with a built-in stirring system and kernel catcher to keep unpopped kernels out of each perfect batch. Once the popping stops, place the included bucket inside the compartment and turn the handle to dispense fresh, hot popcorn right into the bucket. The popcorn dispencing cart’s unique gravity feed dispensing system and accessible height makes serving a snap. With its easy-to-clean design, making popcorn has never been more fun.

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