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2-qt. Organic Paint Hardener Bag

2-qt. Organic Paint Hardener Bag

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Environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused paint . 100% organic, non-toxic . Safe to use, does not require special handling instructions or precautions . Exceeds federal EPA leachate standards, will not leach solidified paint back into the environment . OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) listed and NSF certified . This bag will harden just over 1-qt. of paint

Use Coco Dry to harden and solidify both water based (acrylic and latex) and oil-based paints for disposal. Coco Dry’s honeycomb particulate structure can increase up to nine times its own mass during absorption, allowing paint to become encapsulated and turning it into a solid substance. Most paint hardeners rely on water as a catalyst to be effective, but Coco Dry relies on its high absorption characteristics in its natural form which makes it especially effective with oil-based paints. Due to Coco Dry’s non-leach characteristics, hardened paint will not "re-wet" even if it comes into contact with liquids in a landfill.

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