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16 l Organic Absorbent Spill Kit

16 l Organic Absorbent Spill Kit

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Made from coconut coir, a natural and sustainable byproduct . 100% organic, non-toxic, carcinogen-free, silica-free . Non-abrasive, will not damage equipment, machinery, tile or sealed floors . Encapsulates spills leaving no dangerous streaks or drips behind . Exceeds federal EPA leachate standards, will not leach absorbed material back into the environment . OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) listed and NSF certified, completely safe for use in kitchens and food processing areas . USDA biopreferred certified . Includes 4 lbs. of Coco Absorb and 5 ft. absorbent boom sock . Kit will absorb up to 3.0 Gal. of liquid

Use the Coco Absorb Spill Kit to quickly clean up spills of all viscosity, from motor oil and anti-freeze, to eggs and kitchen grease. Coco Absorb porous, honeycomb structure can increase up to nine times its own mass allowing for the absorption of a greater volume of spill while using much less product than traditional clay based absorbents. Coco Absorb ability to absorb spills on contact makes it ideal for use in automotive, industrial and household situations.

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