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3/4 in. Vinyl 2-Way Bullnose Splay Corner Cap (50-Pack)

3/4 in. Vinyl 2-Way Bullnose Splay Corner Cap (50-Pack)

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  • $ 8312

Made of durable, impact- and corrosion-resistant vinyl . Perforated to enhance mud adhesion and for faster drying . Alignment tabs make it easy to match with Phillips metal, vinyl or paper-faced metal bullnose corner beads . Professionally finished bullnose bead intersections

Phillips gripSTIK 2-Way Splay Corner Caps (50-Pack) are designed to easily finish where two 90 degree outside corners intersect at angles greater than 90 degree or open angles. This product works great to corner cap windows, closets, doorways, skylights, and other areas. These caps eliminate the need for mitering and corner filling, which can save time and reduce waste.

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