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Warning Light 12 Volt Back-Up/Utility Lamp Round Clear

Warning Light 12 Volt Back-Up/Utility Lamp Round Clear

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  • $ 1450

Dual purpose back-up or utility light . Simply plug into any 7-pin connector - no wiring needed . Bright 35-Watt halogen bulb Illuminates 20 ft. behind vehicle . Water resistant construction . Compact design - stores in glove box

The Blazer C8020 Back-up Light adds additional visibility to the rear of the vehicle when baking up in low light conditions. Additionally, The Blazer C8020 has a dual-purpose switch which can be set to come on when backing up only or can be switched on and used as a utility light behind the vehicle when in park. The Blazer C8020 plugs directly into any 7-way round RV/trailer receptacle. Flip the rocker switch to utility mode in conjunction with your running lights on, and you can do everything from setting up camp, hooking up a trailer and more. Flip the switch to back up mode and the light comes on any time you are in reverse. When not in use, just remove the light and stow it in a glove compartment or tool carrier. It is ideal for contractors, snow plows, sportsmen, hunters, fishermen, boaters, campers, SUV owners, and anyone who needs great hands-free rear vehicle lighting. Fits all trucks and SUVs equipped with automotive 7-way round trailer receptacles. No wiring or tools needed; just plug it in and go.

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