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Deck Pro 12 in. Flat and Gap Stainer Replacement Pad

Deck Pro 12 in. Flat and Gap Stainer Replacement Pad

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  • $ 1398

Extra wide 12 in. pad allows user to stain two boards in 1-pass . Wrap around pad stains between boards . 1/4 in. thick flocked foam holds 6 oz. of stain, 600% more than a 4 in. brush or foam applicator . Flocked fibers are manufactured with over 18,000 fibers per sq. in., allowing stain to be thoroughly worked into wood without streaking . Stain pad backing is made of durable synthetic foam rubber that exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range . Use with item C800961.M HomeRight 12 in. flat and gap stainer

Replacement pad to be used with HomeRight Deck Pro 12 in. Flat and Gap Stainer. To replace pad simply start at one corner, use your fingers or pliers to remove old pad. Wipe base of applicator and dry surface before applying new pad. Remove paper backing, position pad on base making sure it is lined up properly with the edges. Press pad down firmly.

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