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Deck Pro 12 in. Flat and Gap Stainer Applicator

Deck Pro 12 in. Flat and Gap Stainer Applicator

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  • $ 1998

1/4 in. thick flocked foam holds 6 oz. of stain, 600% more than a 4 in. brush or foam applicator . Flocked fibers are manufactured with over 18,000 fibers per sq. in., allowing stain to be thoroughly worked into wood without streaking . Stain pad backing is made of durable synthetic foam rubber that exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range . Pivoting comfort-grip handle offers the user stability when staining in tight areas . Applicator is made of polypropylene plastic providing the product with strength and toughness to last through the staining project . Comes with: threaded extension pole connector (extension pole not included), swivel handle, 12 in. wide pad, wrap around pad, edging guides

Stain applicator stains two boards in one-pass, the wrap around pad and locking handle easily stains the gap between boards on a deck. The threaded handle has a connector that easily attaches to an extension pole, making the staining process easier. Replacement pads available.

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