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StainStick with Gap Wheel Stain Applicator

StainStick with Gap Wheel Stain Applicator

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Spring loaded wheel drops 3/4 in. down in-between the boards to stain board edges . Non-sticking gap wheel easily moves with applicator and climbs in and out of board gaps, no snagging or getting stuck . 3/4 in. flocked neoprene pad holds 3 oz. of stain, 300% more than a 4 in. brush or foam applicator . Flocked pad has 18,000 fibers per sq. in. allowing stain to be thoroughly worked into wood without streaking . Stain pad adhesive is durable - no pad separation after soaking in mineral spirits for 8 hours

Now there is a way to cover surfaces and gaps between the boards at the same time. The Deck Pro stain stick with Gap Wheel Stain Applicator combines the StainStick with the Deck Pro with Gap Wheel in one. Simply feed stain to the applicator pad by pushing the handle and cover the surface and gap in one-pass. The spring loaded wheel drops in-between boards to finish both edges and boards at the same time. The ergonomically designed pivoting push handle extends to 54 in., so the user is able to stand upright without bending. Handles holds 18 oz. of stain, simply push to feed stain directly to the stain pad.

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