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80 in. Trailer Lamp Kit

80 in. Trailer Lamp Kit

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  • $ 2497

Complete kit Includes 2 stop/tail/turn lights, 2 side marker lights, license plate bracket and all necessary mounting hardware and a wire harness . Offers a stud mount design with 2-inch OC spacing . Complete with trilingual instructions . Replacement bulbs are standard auto #168 and #1157 . 12-Volt

Blazer C6423 Trailer Light Kit is designed to meet DOT requirements for trailers under 80 in. wide. Ideal for utility, camping, snowmobile, and motorcycle trailers. The Stop/tail/turn lights are replaceable with Blazer model numbers B83 and B93. The bulb is replaceable with the standard #1157 auto bulb. Side marker bulbs are also replaceable with standard #168 auto bulb. The kit includes 2 stop/tail/turn lights, 2 side markers, wire harness, license plate bracket, mounting hardware, and trilingual instructions- everything needed for easy installation and DOT compliance.

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