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1/2 in. Copper Tube Cap

1/2 in. Copper Tube Cap

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Copper construction . Permanently caps copper tubing . Use with types L and M hard-temper copper tubing (not included) . Use aboveground for water-supply piping . Sweat connections . Dezincification resistant . Lead free refers to the wetted surface of pipe, fittings and fixtures in potable water systems that have a weighted average lead content ? 0.25%, source: California Health and Safety Code (116875); Vermont act 193

The lead-free wrought copper solder pressure tube cap is used in residential and commercial systems such as potable water, air conditioning and refrigeration. The tube cap features a solder cup. The fitting is used to fit over the end of pipe to seal the end. In addition to its inherent qualities of beauty, durability and low maintenance, copper’s reusability makes it an ideal application in sustainable projects.

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