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4 in. PVC DWV H x H Solvent Weld P-Trap

4 in. PVC DWV H x H Solvent Weld P-Trap

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Used under discharge of a plumbing fixture or drain to prevent sewer gas from escaping . PVC DWV is easy to install and is joined by solvent cementing or threading . PVC fittings exhibit high corrosion and chemical resistance and will not rust, scale, pit or corrode . 5-year limited warranty

The PVC DWV P-Trap features a hub x hub connection and provides a water seal so that wastewater will automatically be trapped in the arc of the configuration, thereby preventing unwanted gases from entering the household environment. The NIBCO PVC DWV P-Trap is used in residential and commercial drain, waste and vent systems. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most frequently specified of all thermoplastic materials because of its light weight, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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