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2 in. PVC DWV Hub x Hub Repair Coupling

2 in. PVC DWV Hub x Hub Repair Coupling

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PVC plastic material . Splices stationary lengths of PVC DWV piping . Removes waste water from plumbing fixtures and appliances . Suitable for use in non-pressurized sanitary system DWV applications . Does not include a center stop . Solvent-welded connections . Two 2 in. fittings . 5 psi maximum working pressure . Requires a primer before cementing . Note: Product may vary by store.

Install the NIBCO 2 in. PVC DWV Hub x Hub Repair Coupling in a non-pressurized sanitary system DWV application to remove wastewater from plumbing fixtures and appliances. This repair coupling promotes air circulation within piping and is furnished without a center stop. There are two types of DWV plastic: ABS (black plastic) and PVC (white plastic). The sanitary drainage and vent piping are installed to remove waste water and water-borne wastes from the plumbing fixtures and appliances. DWV also provides a circulation of air within the drainage piping. ABS (black) and PVC (white) plastic pipe and fittings have identical uses. The only reason for selecting one material over another is either the cost of the material or local plumbing code restrictions.

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