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5 gal. 4 ft. Cherokee Princess White Dogwood Tree

5 gal. 4 ft. Cherokee Princess White Dogwood Tree

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Stunning when several dogwood trees are planted in a small group . Attractive sprays of large, white flowers in spring cover the tree . Dark green leaves turn to red shades in autumn . Selected as the state tree of both Missouri and Virginia . Ships in 5 gal. pot (contingent upon state/federal regulations) . We’re sorry, due to state or federal regulations, this plant cannot be shipped to Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington . May ship in a dormant state, with bare branches and no leaves, especially in early spring when plant has been pruned back to promote lateral branching . To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 12 ft. away from other plants or structures . Performs best in plant growing zones 5 to 9, when grown in other zones, special care will be necessary

Renowned for its profusion of early spring white blooms, this deciduous tree is useful as an accent plant near patios, in lawns, or around the home. Low branching, broadly pyramidal habit with dark green foliage. In fall, birds are attracted to the bitter bright red fruits, which are beautiful but inedible to humans. Grows in full sun to part shade, although the tree prefers organically rich, consistently moist, acidic soils in part shade.

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