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IntelliTAG Smart Motion Sensor for Home Alarm

IntelliTAG Smart Motion Sensor for Home Alarm

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  • $ 4999

Smart sensors that detects a break-in before it happens . Vibration analysis identifies potential threats from normal events . Indoor use for any types of door or window . Secure wireless communication with more than 330 ft. range in open air . Tamper protection to make sure it is always operational

Myfox Home Alarm IntelliTAG is based on 10 years of research and development and actual usage learning’s. It is able to recognize the difference between a normal event (wind, ball bouncing) and a potential threat (drill, crowbar, hammer). Thanks to the algorithm that analyses the internal sensors and recognize such patterns, Myfox has been able to make any opening safe before it opens, while making sure that no false alarm occurs. It can be used for any kind of opening and is linked to Myfox Home Alarm through a secure wireless connection that has a maximum range of 330 ft. (100 m).

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