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Bi-Color Chrome Zamac Bow Navigation Light, Classic

Bi-Color Chrome Zamac Bow Navigation Light, Classic

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  • $ 1471

Makes your boat visible at night . Completely sealed and weatherproof . Can provide one-mile of visibility for sail or powerboats under 12 meters (39.4 ft.) . 1-year limited warranty

The Bi-Color Bow Navigation Light will keep your boat visible and safe. With a proprietary optical design, these bi-color lights have red and green lenses and are housed in a die-cast triple chrome plated Zamak unit. These lights are a great replacement for older, traditional-style bow lights. Ideal for late night boating, these bi-colored lights pierce through fog and mist making certain you are safe and visible. Whether you're rigging your boat with lights for the first time, or preparing for the upcoming season, this light is an essential accessory for your boating needs. Precision and reliability are the marks of quality that this product has proven time and time again, providing a safe and visible passage for boatmen. The Invincible Marine BR51202 Bow Navigation Light comes with a 1-year limited warranty and protects against manufacturing and workmanship defects. Rugged, tough and reliable, Invincible Marine is well-known for their hardworking nautical line.

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