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65W Equivalent Soft White BR30 Dimmable HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb (12-Pack per Case)

65W Equivalent Soft White BR30 Dimmable HomeBrite Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb (12-Pack per Case)

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Easy setup - simply pair bulbs with your Bluetooth smart device then start controlling and customizing your HomeBrite system, no hub, remote, gateway, Wi-Fi, or cellular signal is needed . On/off/dim - turn your bulbs on and off, or dim them from anywhere in your house from one or more Bluetooth smart device . Groups - group bulbs by room or scenes (i.e. movie night) and control them with a single command . Scenes - scenes allow you to customize a group’s lighting effects . Schedules - set schedules to turn individual bulbs or groups on or off at a set date and time, set a recurring schedule to repeat daily . Timers - set timers for individual bulbs and groups that countdown to turn on or off . Quick and easy setup . Bluetooth compatible . Does not work with in-wall dimmer switches . Compatible on most Apple iOS and android devices, see instructions/assembly for further details . Personalize your devices and schedules by setting custom grouping and zoning controls . Multiple device connection for full-family access . Easy to use

HomeBrite by Feit Electric offers an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to introduce smart lighting into any home or business. Simply install HomeBrite LED bulbs and download the free HomeBrite app to your phone or tablet to begin controlling and customizing your lights. The HomeBrite App serves as a virtual mobile light switch which allows you to dim and power lights on and off, set schedules and timers, create scenes and manage groups. HomeBrite’s Bluetooth Smart Mesh technology allows the LED bulbs to seamlessly and securely communicate with one another, expanding the range for whole-house control. This 65-Watt equivalent BR30 LED uses up to 80% less energy. This LED bulbs lasts more than 20 times longer than your standard incandescent and up to 25,000 hours or 22.8 years. This BR30 LED is soft white and dimmable via the HomeBrite app. This indoor LED reflector is great for recess and track lighting applications, wherever bright spot lights are needed.

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