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Type BR 50 Amp Double-Pole Surge Breaker

Type BR 50 Amp Double-Pole Surge Breaker

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  • $ 10800

Eaton’s BR surge breaker occupies two 1 in. spaces similar to a double-pole type BR breaker . Plug-in style, available in 30 and 50 Amp versions . Complete home surge protection for all circuits plus a functional 2-pole thermal magnetic breaker . LEDs provide protection status . Eliminates the potential for incorrect installation of externally mounted surge devices - (longer “lead” lengths can reduce protection levels) . Direct connection to the bus bar provides superior protection and easy installation for new construction or renovation . 36kA surge current capacity rating

Type BR surge easily plugs into a single phase Type BR load center. Due to the evolution of electronics and microprocessors in the home, there is a continuous challenge to provide quality (clean) power for electronic loads such as appliances, computers/home office and entertainment systems. Surges caused by lightning, utility grid switching and other sources travel on current carrying conductors throughout the home, which can effect and destroy sensitive electronic loads. When installed properly, BR surge provides surge protection for the entire load center. If internal components are damaged, the BR surge LED visual indicators will signal the need for replacement.

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