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4 in. Potted Bog/Marginal Pond Plant - White Rain Lily

4 in. Potted Bog/Marginal Pond Plant - White Rain Lily

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Hardy in zones 7 - 10, they appreciate the shallow depth of water along the edge of your pond and will respond reliably to late summer rain showers with bright white flowers . White rain lily is very versatile with location as it can take full sun to part shade, some shade is nice in the hotter climates, also easily divided in the late fall which allows for naturalizing areas outside of the pond, as well . Contrary to some beliefs, these rain lilies are great bog plants when raised as such, when grown as nursery stock, like many other plants, the transition is not always successful . Bog plant already potted in aquatic soil, grown in aquatic conditions with an established root system makes for an easy transition into your pond and greatly reduces the risk of failure, enjoy

White Rain Lily, or Zephryanthes candida, is one of most delightful white splashes of color along any pond's edge. Its evergreen foliage makes it a year round favorite while the reliable late mid to late summer blooms never fail to excite. Their petite six petaled flower is sometimes faintly brushed with pink at the base.

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