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4 in. Potted Bog/Marginal Golden Club Pond Plant

4 in. Potted Bog/Marginal Golden Club Pond Plant

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A very hardy perennial aquatic plant, golden club has been nicknamed "never wet" due to its dark blue green foliage seemingly repelling water and never looking wet . Unusual bloom appears as a white spike topped by a golden yellow extended tip, sure to attract attention when it blooms, the foliage also provides a surprising appearance as well . Versatile pond plant can be in as deep as 12 in. of water as it matures and needs a good 5 hours of sunlight to thrive, but can tolerate less . Having a bog plant already potted in aquatic soil provides a big advantage in terms of an established root system, this lends itself to an easy transition into the pond and reduces the risk of failure, this particular plant will be relatively small with an established root system and can be potted into a 1 gal. and larger container to encourage faster growth

Golden Club, or Orontium aquaticum is a very bright and happy early blooming pond plant. Its unusual bloom is one of the first to greet your pond in the spring. Also desirable for its slow growing controlled nature, it brings a unique accent to any pond.

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