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Tour 10400 Rechargeable Battery Pack

Tour 10400 Rechargeable Battery Pack

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  • $ 5999

Share the charge with 2 USB outputs . Super-quick charging - just as fast as your original charger . Premium Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery ensures long-lasting charge . Simple to use - just connect and press the 'on' button . Made with heavy-duty, quality components and built in safety circuitry protections . Only loses 2% charge per month when stored . Offers 500+ full charging cycles . Independent lab tested

The Weego Tour 14000 Rechargeable Battery Pack is a great way to keep your smartphone, tablet, speakers and other USB devices charged. It's packed with big power - enough to give up to 6 extra charges to most smartphones and up to 1 extra charge to most tablets. Choose from one of 3 models and eliminate the worry of a dead device.

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