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Black 2 ft. x 3 ft. Rubber Anti Fatigue Mat

Black 2 ft. x 3 ft. Rubber Anti Fatigue Mat

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Premium Black Molded Rubber won’t compress; Dura-Bubble Mats are built to last a lifetime. Hollow “Air Dome” backing creates pockets of comfort for situations where you need to stand for extended periods of time . The ecologically friendly premium molded rubber mat contains 27% pre-consumer recycled material and 27% post-consumer recycled material. . Machine Made in Malaysia . Easy to care for and clean – dust and debris can be quickly shaken off, hose or mop can be used for more stubborn dirt . Densely textured rubber cells are grease and oil resistant . Common Uses: Work stations, cash registers, service counters, industrial settings – anywhere you need to support long periods of time on your feet . Ergonomic bubble design increases blood circulation and alertness, while reducing stress in joints

The durable, ergonomic Dura-Bubble Mat makes long work days much easier with its superior construction. The unique air pocket structure provides instant relief to your knees, feet and back. Instead of standing on hard flooring, you can spend your day walking on a cloud! The premium rubber will not compress over time –Dura-Bubble Mat will offer support for many years. The mats are easy to clean and maintain; simply shake loose dirt and debris off, and hose down when needed.

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