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Patriot Blueberry Fruit Bearing Potted Shrub

Patriot Blueberry Fruit Bearing Potted Shrub

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Large, firm sweet berries . An early-mid season variety start ripening late June, early July . Easy-to-plant size container grown plants provide virtually no transplant shock compared to bare root plants . Plant with early (Earliblue) and late (Jersey) season varieties for 3 months of fruit picking . Grow in acidic, well-drained soil (blueberries grow well in soils where rhododendrons and azaleas grow) . Provide at least 6 hours of sun a day . Apply an acid fertilizer (such as a rhododendron or azalea fertilizer) in early spring . Apply 2 in. - 4 in. of mulch around plantings to conserve moisture and protect roots . A blueberry for hardiness zones 4 - 7

An early-mid season fruiting blueberry variety. Large firm, sweet flavored berries ripen late June to early July and continue to produce fruit until mid August. The showy blossoms and beautiful orange fall color also makes Patriot a great landscape plant. Plant in moist, well-drained acidic soil. Plant in full sun in northern areas. In warmer climates provide partial shade. Hardy in zones 3 - 7.

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