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Jersey Blueberry Fruit Bearing Potted Shrub

Jersey Blueberry Fruit Bearing Potted Shrub

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Blueberry plants make a great addition to your home garden, landscape or orchard . Blueberries are high in antioxidants and provide many nutritional benefits . Light blue, sweet berries . A late season variety ripening in late July through mid to late August . Plant with early (Earliblue) and mid (Blueray) season varieties for 3 months of fruit picking . Grow in acidic, well-drained soil (blueberries grow well in soils where rhododendrons and azaleas grow) . Provide at least 6 hours of sun a day . Apply an acid fertilizer (such as a rhododendron or azalea fertilizer) in early spring . Apply 2 - 4 inches of mulch around plantings to conserve moisture and protect roots . Easy-to-plant size . Container grown plants provide virtually no transplant shock compared to bare root plants . A blueberry for hardiness zones 4 -8

A classic late season fruit variety that is great for home gardens. Berries are medium-sized, sweet and good for baking. A rounded shrub habit with dark green leaves in summer, turning orange in autumn. Jersey tolerates a wide range of soil types, preferring acidic, moist, well-drained soil. Plant in full sun in northern areas. In warmer climates provide partial shade. A blueberry for hardiness zones 4 - 8.

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