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1 cu. ft. Premium Organic Biochar

1 cu. ft. Premium Organic Biochar

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Drought fighting naturally Bison biochar improves water retention in soils 5% to 200% . 1 cu. ft. of Bison premium organic biochar will cover up to 375 sq. ft. . Apply with drop spreader to lawns, works over existing grass or aerate first for maximum benefit . Mix into the top 4 in. to 6 in. of topsoil for trees and ornamental landscape or before planting new lawns or gardens . OMRI/CDFA listed as approved organic input . Biochar absorb contaminants from the soil, great for dead spots on lawns and other distressed areas . Great for lawns, trees, shrubs and all other living plants . Biochar works for 100's of years in the soil, apply it once and it is there for a lifetime

Bison Soil Premium Organic Biochar is an all-natural soil amendment with benefits for all soil types. Vegetable and flower gardens, lawns and landscaping, raised-bed and container gardens (both inside and outside), all benefit from using our Premium Biochar due to less need for watering and fertilizing.

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