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48 oz. 1 Shot N Gone Mold-Mildew Inhibiting Liquid in 2 l Sprayer Applicator

48 oz. 1 Shot N Gone Mold-Mildew Inhibiting Liquid in 2 l Sprayer Applicator

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Water based, low toxicity . Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) . Utilizes proven low dose EPA chemicals . Patented unique moisture activated latex polymer . 10% ambient humidity keeps active ingredients working . Works through 1000's of wet/dry cycles . Biocide is approved for direct skin contact . Safe around pets and children . Coverage 375 sq. ft. per gallon . Passed ASTM testing for hard surfaces, porous surfaces and textiles . Dries crystal clear . Does not change surface color or finish

48 oz. of 1 Shot N Gone pre-loaded into a high quality 2 l sprayer applicator. Unique mold/mildew, green algae, fungus, microbes and odor inhibiting coating begins to work in the wet conditions that cause other products to become ineffective. Inhibits the growth of black mold and other toxic molds and fungus. Patented latex polymer allows EPA proven chemicals to filter through the latex matrix when only 10% ambient humidity is present thereby disrupting the mold/mildew growth at a cellular level. The matrix closes in dry conditions sealing the active ingredients to the surface in a dormant state. 1 Shot N Gone can be used to protect indoor and outdoor surfaces including lawn furniture, pool spas, car interiors, camping gear, carpeting and carpet underlayment and all sorts of construction materials including indoor or outdoor wood studs, siding and sheetrock. Safe on all surfaces. 1 Shot N Gone keeps protecting through 1000's of wet and dry cycles. Totally safe around pets and children. This biocide has been approved for direct skin contact.

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