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Bonsai Small 6 in. Fukien Tea Ceramic Pot

Bonsai Small 6 in. Fukien Tea Ceramic Pot

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"S" shape Fukien Tea . Assorted color ceramic Pot . Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west . Taking care of Bonsai Trees is a wonderful outlet for getting rid of your daily stress

In Japanese, Bonsai translates to tray planting, but in recent years it has evolved into a novel form of planting varieties of dwarfed trees in coordinating pots. When adding any bonsai to your plant collection, make sure it receives the correct amount of light and water. Many times there is a trial period in which you should test the plant around the house until you find its favorite environment. If the plant starts dropping its leaves it could be that it is not getting an adequate amount of light. Be mindful of the amount of water you give the plant. Too much water could result in root rot and ultimately the demise of your beautiful plant.

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