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Toilet Flange Tile Guide

Toilet Flange Tile Guide

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No more nipping or grinding tiles . For installing bathroom tile around the toilet drain flange . Provides straight edges for tile cutting instead of rough tile nipping for fitting round flange . For 1/4 in. to 3/8 in. tile and stackable for thicker tile installations . Label card works as debris and odor shield during completion of bathroom installation . Made of durable recycled polypropylene . Helps protect the sub-floor around the flange from future water damage and rot

The Toilet Flange Template and Tile Guide that makes tiling a bathroom floor fast and easy. This innovative template fits around the toilet drain flange and leaves straight sides where tile can be cut straight with a tile cutter to butt up against the square guide sides. This is a much easier job than traditional tile nipping to match up to the round flange. Just leave the template in place and install the toilet right over the tile and guide as usual. Removable ears make the guide compatible with most toilets and toilet wax bowl rings. In addition, the guide's label card works as a debris and odor cover over the flange opening while the rest of the bathroom tiling job is being completed. Simply remove the label card before the toilet is put in place.

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