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11 in. Tarp Ball Bungee (25-Pack)

11 in. Tarp Ball Bungee (25-Pack)

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Easily fasten tarps or screens to canopy frames through the grommets or eyelets . Tarp ball bungees are compatible with most canopy tarps, canopy tops and canopy screens with grommets . Bungee length is approximately 11 inches Ball size is approximately 1 inch Fits most canopy frames . Tarp ball bungees are easily installed, removed or repositioned . Reusable . Get the right coverage - click here for High Quality's buying guide

Use the tarp ball bungees to easily fasten tarps to canopy frames or other similar frame structures through the tarp grommets. Tarp ball bungees tie down tarps to canopy frames without without punching holes or damage to the tarps. The 11-inch tarp ball bungees fits most tarps with grommets. The bungee length is approximately 11 inches. Ball size is approximately 1 inch. One pack of 11-inch tarp ball bungees contains 25 pieces.

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