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4.12 in. W x 1 in. D x 3.72 in. H Terra Cotta Block Plug (1 piece)

4.12 in. W x 1 in. D x 3.72 in. H Terra Cotta Block Plug (1 piece)

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This patented system collects rain water and has drainage holes inside each cavity to allow for drainage into soil . Blocks are stackable reusable and adjustable up to 8 foot intervals . No more angles to cut long screws to twist or nails to drive . No complicated instruction manuals . PVC thin wall pipe works well instead of landscape timbers just cut hub off one end . If stacked three or more in height rebar is recommended hole inside block is provided . Quantity of items is 1 however customer can order as many as they need to complete their landscaping project

Border Blocks, a system that has been designed for landscaping timbers to be connected together. They can be used for raised beds and borders. This system is a quick and easy way to landscape. These blocks are made with polypropylene resin. They are durable but light weight, at about 2.5pounds each. They have five year U. V. protection added to help protect their integrity. The system consists of five components. The straight block, or coupling, is used to connect the timbers to make a straight border. The ninety, or corner block is used to make square or rectangular shaped beds the Forty-Five, or angle block, is used to make an off set or to create an octagon around an object such as a tree. The Cover is used to cap the column when the necessary height of the project is reached. Also, there is a Plug used when the timbers are staggered, the designer can plug the opening where a timber was skipped.

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