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NIK Elbow Silver Metal

NIK Elbow Silver Metal

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  • $ 2668

Round handrail connection . Silver metal . Adjustable from 90 degrees to 180 degrees . For handrail BA0401 . Complete with two cylindrical joints and a bracket to join the ball joint to the angular baluster . Important: Consult your local building inspector for specifics regarding compliance with the local building codes

The NIK railings are characterized by round silver-colored anodized aluminum three-grooved balusters. The balusters are joined with stainless steel cables and can be installed directly on the floor or to the side of the floor with special hardware. There are two baluster sizes: a short one (2 ft. 11-7/16 in.) for installation on the floor or a taller one (3 ft. 11-1/4 in.) for lateral installation. The handrail is made of wood and comes in 3 ft. 11-1/4 in. sections. In corners or where the slope changes, the wooden handrail segments are joined with silver-painted metal ball joints. The handrail can be mounted to the wall with metal supports. For curved configurations use the handrail of the LAN railing in shapeable simulated wood PVC with corresponding accessories. All hardware connectors are made of silver-painted metal. The NIK railing is not a kit. You decide which pieces best suit your installation.

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