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Multi-Pack - 12 Bottles of Glue in Display Case

Multi-Pack - 12 Bottles of Glue in Display Case

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4 oz. bottle - package of 12 . Less expansion than other polyurethane glues on the market, making for a stronger bond with less mess . Zero solvents, we like the earth that we live in, so we made the greenest glue we could without sacrificing quality . Enhanced shelf and bottle stability . Made in the USA

Sticky Jack Glue is a moisture curing, 100-Percent waterproof, 100-Percent solids polyurethane adhesive. It will successfully bond dozens of various substrates including fiberglass, wood, EPS board, aluminum, PVC, steel, plastic, foam, brick, concrete, ceramic, stone, glass, Formica, ABS, cardboard, FRP board, tile, rubber, granite, travertine, dry wall and more. Whether you are a professional or a weekender doing repairs, maintenance, building; a hobbyist; or a crafter this is the glue you need any time you need to adhere two surfaces together, whether same or one porous and one nonporous and smooth. Doesn't matter - Sticky Jack Glue can do it right the first time. Designed for manual application.

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