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12 Zone Wi-Fi Smart Watering Controller

12 Zone Wi-Fi Smart Watering Controller

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Painless installation: replace your outdated controller in minutes and use your existing wires, valves, and sprinklers . Designed to withstand the elements: built to be deployed indoors or outdoors (IP54 rated) with no extra enclosure required . IoT connectivity: Blossom provides Wi-Fi and power line for a highly-reliable connection making your networking range essentially limitless . Supports up to 12 zones: the watering schedule for each zone is based on local weather data, plant, and sprinkler types . Complete control: monitor and control your yard’s watering schedule from anywhere using your iOS or android smartphone or tablet . Weather intelligence: uses real-time local weather data to personalize your watering plan . Grow your savings: start conserving water today and save up to 30% on your water bill

Simplify your life with the power of Smart Watering. No more aimless tinkering with your old sprinkler controller. The Blossom Smart Watering Controller automatically programs itself based on real-time local weather data collected from the Internet to create an optimized watering schedule for your yard. This means that on the sunniest, hottest days, Blossom will apply extra water to replenish dry soil. On cooler, less sunny days, Blossom adjusts to irrigate less. If measurable rain is in the weather forecast, Blossom skips watering for that day. The result is an automatically adjusted irrigation plan tailored for your lawn and garden that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere at any time from your smartphone or tablet. Let’s conserve water. Over-watering doesn’t just hurt your plants, it hurts your wallet. Start saving up to 30% on your water bill and let Blossom pay for itself. Your sprinklers are about to get smarter.

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