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Acoustic Throat Mic with PTT/VOX Compartment

Acoustic Throat Mic with PTT/VOX Compartment

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  • $ 2699

Action throat mid headset . Inline VOX-PTT switch . Dual pin connector . In-ear speaker . Acoustic sound tube . Vibration sensors . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Midland AVPH8 Acoustic Throat Mic with PTT/VOX Compartment is a single action throat microphone headset that's perfect for the paintball/air gun aficionado. Never let them hear you coming. Throat microphones pick up sound directly through vibration sensors against your neck, and transmit via an acoustic sound tube. It's an ideal setup for loud environments with lots of background noise, and will also pick up whispers, for communicating quietly at a distance (this makes it ideal for you paintball buffs). Don't bother reaching for your radio. An inline PTT (Push-to-Transmit) switch lets you quickly activate communication, with a swivel clip to attach to your clothing, etc. Get crystal-clear sound, even with quiet transmissions, thanks to an in-ear speaker.

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