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Core Bass In-Ear Headphones - White

Core Bass In-Ear Headphones - White

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  • $ 1800

Full, textured bass with immersive sound and excellent detail resolution . Easy-traveling audio performance with cord-wrap included . Use with or without included snap-on, snap-off oval hangers for 2 comfort-fit wearing options . In-ear (canal-style) headphones . Includes cord wrap, snap-on/off oval hangers, and 3 sizes silicone ear tips . High Quality Protection Plan:

Audio-Technica brings its pro audio expertise to the design of Core Bass in-ear headphones. Proving that even a small earphone can produce an impressive bass response, Core Bass offers full and heavy tones for rock, electronica and bass-driven metal without sacrificing clarity. These advanced-fit in-ears come equipped with Snap-On, snap-off ear hooks for the latest word in comfort and wearing stability. Snap them on if you prefer an over-the-ear cord-fit engineered to keep the Core Bass ‘phones perfectly in place in the gym or out and about, regardless of your activity level. Snap them off if you prefer a more traditional fit, with the cord resting in front of the ear. The included travel-friendly cord wrap makes it easy to carry the in-ears without tangling the cord.

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