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SonicPro In-Ear Monitor Headphones

SonicPro In-Ear Monitor Headphones

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  • $ 19570

Dual phase push pull drivers provide extended frequency response by reducing intermodulation distortion . Dual 13 mm drivers with pure iron yokes deliver super resolution sound . Titanium housings with metal coating reduces unwanted vibration . Equipped with a stainless steel acoustic register for improved high frequency response . Bass acoustic resister provides accurate low-frequency response . Star-quad cable reduces unwanted noise and provides superior transfer of audio signal with rigid aluminum sleeve ring . Includes ear tips (XS, S, M, L) and case . High Quality Protection Plan:

Equipped with the world’s first dual phase push-pull driver system, the ATH-CKR10 in-ear headphones deliver high-resolution audio that’s true to the original sound. The unique push-pull system incorporates 2 facing 13 mm drivers that generate phase-aligned audio signals that are mixed to compensate for each driver’s inefficiencies, while providing an equal and tailored response without artificial coloration. By reducing intermodulation distortion, the push-pull drivers deliver extended frequency response for life-like sound. The ATH-CKR10 also features metal-coated titanium housings for a rigidity that greatly reduces unwanted vibration. A stainless steel acoustic resister improves high-frequency response, while a bass acoustic resister provides accurate low-frequency response. 4 sizes of interchangeable ear tips are included for a customized, secure fit and improved sound isolation.

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