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150 Watt 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier

150 Watt 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier

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  • $ 13347

2 stereo inputs with automatic priority override . A or B speaker selector switches . 5-way speaker wire binding posts for bare wire or banana plugs . Front-panel mounted volume and balance knobs . High Quality Protection Plan:

The AMP120 is a high performance 2-channel power amp that's big on features but low on price. This compact amp is perfect for powering two pairs of 8-ohm speakers and you can also use it as a single-zone, rear channel amp for Dolby surround sound systems, or to bump up the power of your OSD outdoor speakers. The AMP120 also features automatic source switching. This is a neat feature that lets you connect dual sources to the amp (i.e., your iPod and a DVD player). The sources do not play at the same time (that's a function of multi-channel amps); however, the AMP120 will automatically switch sources. So if you have your iPod connected to input 1 and then decide you want to watch a movie, when the DVD player is turned on, the AMP120 will automatically switch to that source.

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