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1 in. x 48 in. Flex Connectors (15-Bag)

1 in. x 48 in. Flex Connectors (15-Bag)

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  • $ 1999

Connector must be paired with amdry insulated subfloor panel OSB model number: 204395337 . Comes pre-packed, 15-pieces x 4 ft. (1-bag will connect 10-panels together) . The hollow core of the connector allows for expansion of the entire floor assembly that naturally occurs when dry wood is introduced to high humidity areas . The amdry connector built-in compression joint virtually eliminates any chance of buckling or heaving of the floor surface due to excessive expansion . Connectors are easily cut to lengt with a box cutter or tin snips

Amdry panel connectors are designed to offer a better, faster , simpler connector than traditional tongue and groove connector sytems; allowing the contractor/owner to easily connect the modular panels that incorporating a vapour, mold and mildew resistant barrier plus effective insulation, making our panlels cost effective, quick and easy to install. The Amdry panels connectors are designed to include the highest quality materials, to provide a simple One Step quick, reliable and long lasting connection solution. Note- This is 2 part sytem - Connector must be paired with Amdry Insulated Subfloor Panel OSB model number : AMD0150G- Comes pre-packed; 15 pieces x 4 ft. (one bag will connect 10 panels together)

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