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24 in. x 16 in. Summer Rain Canvas Art

24 in. x 16 in. Summer Rain Canvas Art

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Gallery-wrapped art piece features a young girl in a dress and bonnet holding an umbrella in a vintage poster . Giclee (jee-clay) is an advanced printmaking process for creating high quality fine art reproductions, the attainable excellence that Giclee printmaking affords makes the reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original piece . Artist: Vintage Apple Collection . Subject: posters/advertisements . Style: vintage . Product type: gallery-wrapped canvas art . Made in USA

These posters got their start in the late 1800s when brands hired artists and illustrators to create their ads and announcements for various products such as chocolates, alcohol, soap, or cigarettes. This was the time when the development of mass printing emerged and this new technology allowed for low-cost reproductions with vibrant colors. These works on posters became more affordable than original art and grew in popularity. This new industry attracted many aspiring artists looking to generate revenue from their work. The commercial success of these posters began the trend of the vintage poster, which has continued into the 21st century.

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