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Shoulder Dolly Multi-Strap Set (3-Pack)

Shoulder Dolly Multi-Strap Set (3-Pack)

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  • $ 3497

Set of 3 additional straps to be used with the ShoulderDolly lifting system . 3 lengths are; 8 ft. long x 5 in. wide, 12 ft. long x 5 in. wide, 16 ft. long x 5 in. wide . 8 ft. strap is great to move smaller, square items, examples: washers, dryers and dressers . 12 ft. strap will move items from 2 ft. to 9 ft. in length, including couches and king size mattresses . 16 ft. strap works great for countertops and specialty products

Use any of the 3 additional lifting straps with your ShoulderDolly #LD1000 or #LD2000 lifting system. The 3 additional straps will give you more versatility when moving objects. Choose the length that works best for your situation.

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