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Borosilicate Glass Printing Surface for H800

Borosilicate Glass Printing Surface for H800

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  • $ 4999

AFINIA borosilicate tempered glass printing surface for H800 3D-Printers . 10.75 in. x 8.5 in. glass printing surface fits perfectly on the AFINIA H-series platform . Allows the user to 3D-Print without raft and yield a glossy smooth finish to the base of the model . Extremely flat surface reduces the likeliness of warping when properly leveled on the 3D-Printer platform

AFINIA Borosilicate Glass is a high temperature-resistant glass and is the perfect platform for the H800 3D-Printer. With the thickness and density of this glass, you never have to worry about the platform warping. Some benefits of using glass include: Printing without the use of a raft, reduces warping, and models are easy to remove. Simply apply an adhesive to Borosilicate glass (ABS/Acetone slurry or Kapton tape, not included) and start 3D-Printing.

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